Peace Initiatives Canada


Progressiverogressiveis a necessary characteristic for any modern organization, so that it is able to adapt to changes and evolve according to the needs of society.

Educationducation is the key for advancing in modern society. It can also be used to promote mutual understanding of different cultures and faith.

Altruismltruism is a dying value in modern society. We need to revive this value and use it as a foundation to help us connect on a human level.

Communityommunity is in the heart of PEACE Initiatives Canada with the idea of creating an inclusive Canadian Community, where everyone feels welcome and have a sense of belonging.

Environmentnvironment: Care for the environment is one of the mightiest challenges of the 21st century. Climate change and related environmental issues are already affecting us all and will affect our future generation. The need to address and create awareness about environmental issues is more relevant now than ever.